Client Testimonials


"I couldn't be happier with the program at San-Mai. My son was diagnosed with ADHD and has been taking classes for the past six months and the results have been incredible. His confidence, concentration, and manners have improved dramatically since we started at San-Mai. I would recommend this for anyone with children who want them to acquire skills that will last a lifetime."”  

Parents  ~Jon Pierson~


Kelley continues to enjoy staying involved with Tae Kwon Do through San-Mai not only for the physical fitness aspect but for the friendships she has developed.  We cannot say enough about San Mai.  It provides a safe and “family like” atmosphere.  Master Dickerson and the entire staff of San-Mai are number one in our eyes.  Thank you all for the positive influences you have had on Kelley’s life, our family’s life, and many others lives.


~Pat and Sue McClaughry~


To the teachers and mentors of San-Mai martial arts,

Where to start with San-Mai? They have infused our lives with a sense of family, community and purpose. A sense of belonging and a love of learning are additional benefits we have received. They have strengthened our family and ourselves. My daughter, Alyssa, listens better, shows more focus, and more respect. My husband has lost 45lbs since joining, and gained better balance, more self-discipline and an overall better sense of self. I see the most improvement in myself, however. I dropped from a size 12 jeans to a size 4. I have more energy, and more drive to accomplish things. My self-confidence has improved dramatically and I am no longer afraid to try new things. We never dreamed when we enrolled our daughter in the school that we would all become so at home here, or feel like we belong. I can't wait until our younger two children start class, and I can't wait to see what improvements are ahead for us. There are not enough thanks in the world to tell the school or the teachers how much they have improved us or our family. For this we will always be thankful.             

With great appreciation, and deep affection,

~The Pyle Family~


San-Mai Martial Arts has not only been great for our kids, but it has had a very positive effect on our family! Having taken martial arts as a child, I knew it would be a good influence on our children, but I had no idea of the level of professionalism and skill that the San-Mai instructors possess.


The school's program allows for all ages and skill-levels to steadily progress toward their goal, whether it be a Black Belt or for self-defense. We are proud to see our children’s progression, and our respect for each other has increased as a result.


We are very, very glad we chose San-Mai as our martial arts school.


Parent ~Todd Rannals~


Chris and I want to write a note regarding Libbie.  She is carrying A's & B's in school and the lst three weeks has been excellent at home helping me.


I hurt my back, and she "without whining" has been helping with with laundry, dishes, cleaning, and extra help with her special needs brother.


We are very proud of her!


Parents ~Mr. & Mrs. Chris Miller~




Nathan has improved his focus and manners since he enrolled in this program.  I can't thank Master McCarthy enough for all of his patience and attention he has given Nathan.


Thank You,


Parent ~Brian Ward~~


Seeing so many kids, not knowing what to do with their emotions and feelings, making terrible mistakes and causing families so much pain.  We came to realize that discipline in life is very important.  But discipline, self control, respect, self defense, are only empty words if they are not taught early in life.  As a family we try to teach our children at home to love and respect their family and the rest of the community, but with the horrible things we hear on TV and radio we know they need more than that.

We are grateful for places like San-Mai Martial Arts, where our children can learn all those disciplines along with the teachings at home to build better citizens for tomorrow.

It takes hard work and a strong team to bring this type of event to the San-Mai family and community.

You are part of building the great men and women of tomorrow… for all your hard work and efforts, we thank you.

 ~The Finn Family~


My daughter wants to stay in Tae Kwon Do classes and get her Black Belt. She knows how much hard work and how much time it will take to do this.  She is ready for that journey. The amazing part about that is my daughter is six years old.  She started when she was five, and has never shown a hint of anything but wanting to continue.  This is something I will let her do for as long as she wants to, because everything she has learned and will learn is a lifelong asset.

Parent & Student ~Bryan Erdman~


I would like to send a special thank you to Master Dickerson, staff and instructors.

My son Paul really enjoys the martial arts and looks forward to going every week.  He has shown a great deal of discipline, respect and aptitude for this sport.  His mother and I see the confidence he is gaining and the personal dedication he shows through his class participation and practice.

Thank you so much for working with us and having an understanding that Paul is completely dedicated to the San-Mai training and we are also engaged to support him through this process.  Is there any way Paul can help support the sport?

Thank you again for the great experiences we have had with the San-Mai Martial Arts.

Paul H. Wise, Sr.

"Master Dickerson and the San-Mai Martial Arts Instructors & Staff,  


We wanted to thank you for the outstanding TaeKwonDo program and value-based environment you provide our Son and all your students. We are going on our second year with your Academy and we value your family-centric approach, your dedication, professionalism, and top-notch quality of instruction. You have created an "atmosphere" that is family friendly, rewarding, challenging, and above all - respectful for the students and parents. We feel confident in saying the mentorship you and your instructors provide

will have life-long impacts on our Son's development and character. The fundamental beliefs of respect, dignity, integrity, and self-confidence are all characteristics your program builds upon. You and your instructors emulate these character traits!


As a proven leader in the Martial Arts, your dedication, professionalism, and exceptional leadership skills proved to be unparalleled to any other local or national Martial Arts program. Thank you for all your extra efforts.


Wishing you and your family a Happy Holiday & prosperous New Year."




Parents  ~Tom & Beth Castellano~


"I loved watching my kids at karate and started myself.  I LOVE it!  My energy levels doubled after a class and I have more energy for studying and taking care of my kids.  I am finally getting into shape after 10 years of inactivity and loving every minute of it!"

Parent  ~Pia Devries~


"My son is learning to excel at both personal and group levels.  The environment at San-Mai Martial Arts is great and we are enjoying the program and our son's progress!"

Parent  ~David Elfering~


“JD has gained more confidence and self control since enrolling at San-Mai Martial Arts.  We think it is a great program.”  

Parents  ~John and Jody Wieder~